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Blue Archive Trip Trap Train Event Overview

Discover the “Trip Trap Train” event in Genshin Impact, introducing new Sonic students Ichika and Kasumi. Unlike previous events, there are no minigames or artifacts to farm. Instead, complete daily missions for rewards like Pyroxenes, Credits, and Blueprint Choice Tickets up to T6. With 100 achievements, it’s a rewarding challenge for players.

Tue Apr 02 2024
Blue Archive Trip Trap Train Event Overview

Trip Trap Train Event Overview

Following the recent Millennium rerun events, the latest addition to Genshin Impact is the “Trip Trap Train” event. This event introduces two new Sonic students, Ichika and Kasumi, who will become permanent additions to the student pool after the event concludes.

Unlike previous events, Trip Trap Train does not offer minigames or artifacts for farming. Instead, players will complete a new set of daily missions to earn rewards such as Pyroxenes, Credits, and Blueprint Choice Tickets up to T6. With a total of 100 achievements to complete, navigating through them might seem overwhelming at first. However, most achievements simply require clearing stages, defeating enemies, acquiring equipment blueprints, or collecting event currency.

Main Event: April 2nd (Tue) After Maintenance – April 16th (Tue) 1:59 AM (UTC)

Event Shop, Tasks and Reward Claim and Exchange: April 2nd (Tue) After Maintenance – April 23rd (Tue) 1:59 AM (UTC)

Event Trailers:

Currency Drops per Stage

Train Ticket: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9 

Document Bag: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10 

Train Crew Whistle: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11 

Event Points: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12


Train Ticket Shop

The Train Ticket shop offers Activity Reports and Blu-rays. Newer players should prioritize acquiring Gehenna Blu-rays, as Gehenna skill materials are often in high demand. Activity Reports and other items should be purchased to fulfill achievement requirements. Hasumi Elephs can be obtained by accumulating a certain number of Tickets.

Total Currency: 10,626

Characters with Event Bonuses

Document Bag Shop

The Document Bag shop contains Tech Notes and Enhancement Stones. Players planning to raise multiple Gehenna students should prioritize acquiring all tech notes. While farming for remaining items is not recommended, Iori Elephs can be obtained by clearing Attache Cache achievements. Iori Elephs can also be earned by accumulating a certain number of Tickets.

Total Currency: 11,275

Characters with Event Bonuses

Train Crew Whistle Shop

The Train Crew Whistle shop reintroduces Okiku Dolls and Roman Dodecahedron artifacts. Players should prioritize acquiring both artifacts if they are needed for skill materials. Firing Pins can also be purchased for Unique Equipment leveling materials or as an alternative to farming Scrimmage. Tsurugi Elephs can be obtained through achievements.

Total Currency: 10,250

Characters with Event Bonuses

Event Points


The Event Points milestones offer Activity Reports, Enhancement Stones, and Secret Tech Notes as rewards. Since all stages drop Event Points, there is no reason to prioritize them until other currencies have been cleared out or Currency Achievements have been completed.

Characters with Event Bonuses

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