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Genshin Impact: Chiori Best Builds

Discover Chiori, the latest Geo sub-DPS character in Genshin Impact. Learn about her skills, artifacts, weapons, and how to build her for maximum damage.

Tue Mar 12 2024
Genshin Impact: Chiori Best Builds

Genshin Impact New Character Chiori: The Geo Puppet Master

Chiori is a Geo sub-DPS whose kit revolves around summoning puppets to deal damage. Her unique playstyle and powerful Geo abilities make her a valuable addition to any team.

Chiori’s Abilities

Elemental Skill (E)

Chiori’s Elemental Skill (E) lunges her forward into a slash and then summons a puppet into the field. The puppet will periodically attack enemies. An additional puppet can be summoned if a Geo construct is nearby. She can have a maximum of 2 puppets if you have a Geo Construct while using her E.

Elemental Burst (Q)

Her Elemental Burst (Q) is a powerful AOE nuke that deals a significant amount of Geo damage to enemies in a wide area.

Building Chiori

Chiori’s E and Q damage scales on both ATK and DEF, but DEF pulls slightly ahead in terms of scaling. Thus, it’s recommended to focus on DEF over ATK. This does mean that Chiori can benefit from ATK buffs such as Noblesse Oblige, Bennett Q, Pyro Resonance, a

nd more.

Artifact Sets

Artifact SetDescription

Husk of Opulent Dreams Husk of Opulent Dreams (4)
A full Husk set is Chiori’s best artifact since it buffs both her DEF and Geo DMG. The maximum buff from the set can be easily achieved since she benefits from its double stack generation when she’s off-field. Plus, the buff benefits both her E and Q.
Golden Troupe (4)If you intend to maximize Chiori’s E damage, this set would be her Best-in-Slot (BiS). The full set would massively boost her puppets’ damage with the expense of her Burst. If you don’t want to use Chiori’s Burst every rotation, this is highly recommended.
Marechaussee Hunter (4)If you intend to play Chiori on-field only with Furina on the team, then the MH set would be her best artifact. This set is geared towards a C6 Chiori since that’s the only time she can strictly play on-field and don’t mind gimping her puppet and Burst damage to focus on her Normal Attacks. It’s also one of the reasons you’ll want to run Furina with this build.


  • Uraku Misugiri (5✩)

    Chiori’s signature weapon comes with a huge Crit DMG stat and a flexible passive that can benefit both her off-field and on-field playstyles. Its passive will either increase Chiori’s Normal Attack damage if she’s on-field or E damage if she’s off-field. Lastly, the buff from her sword will further increase if you’re running her with another Geo teammate, further solidifying its niche as her signature weapon.

  • Cinnabar Spindle (4✩)

    The 4-star sword ‘Cinnabar Spindle’ would be Chiori’s best F2P weapon as it comes with a huge DEF stat and Elemental Skill (E) damage buff for its passive. Unfortunately, it can only be obtained from the past Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event.

  • Wolf-Fang (4✩)

    Wolf-Fang is one of Chiori’s stronger 4-star weapons due to its huge 32% DMG buff on her E and Q skills. Its only downside is that the Crit Rate passive does not work off-field, so she can’t benefit from it unless you intend to play her on-field.

  • Harbinger of Dawn (3✩)

    Harbinger of Dawn will be one of Chiori’s best ‘true F2P’ weapons since it’s pretty much accessible to anyone. Its huge Crit DMG from its stat and Crit Rate from its passive makes it one of the best early weapons for Chiori.

Talent Priority

C0-C5: Skill (E) > Burst (Q) > Normal Attack (NA)
C6: Normal Attack (NA) > Skill (E) > Burst (Q)

Chiori’s main source of damage is primarily from her puppets after using E. At C6, Chiori’s kit changes significantly, and her Normal Attacks will be the source of most of her damage. For C6 Chiori, she would be an on-field DPS, and her NAs will take priority over anything else.

The optimal way of playing on-field Chiori at C0 is not to play Geo infusion but instead let her drive her own coordinated attacks while she reaps the benefits from buffs that only work on-field. So even at C0 on-field Chiori, her talent priority will be the same as off-field Chiori.

Main Stats and Substats

  • Sands: DEF%
  • Goblet: Geo DMG%
  • Circlet: Crit Rate / DMG
  • Substats: Crit Rate / DMG, DEF%, ATK%, Energy Recharge

Regarding ATK vs. DEF stats, Chiori still benefits from ATK, but she scales much better with DEF, so you should focus on DEF. She is similar to Alhaitham and Nahida, where her ATK scaling lets her make use of ATK, but you shouldn’t build around it. DEF is always better since she scales better with it, and you should prioritize it over ATK in any situation unless you have no other choice.

Energy Recharge Requirements

  • Burst (Q) every rotation: ~120%
  • Only focusing on E: 100%

Chiori will have around ~120% ER due to her low energy requirement of 60 for her Burst. If you’re building Chiori for maximum E damage and don’t care about using her Burst every rotation, then you can ignore ER entirely.


  • C1

    C1 activates Chiori’s Ascension 4 Passive (20 GEO DMG%) and summons her 2nd puppet if there is another Geo character in the team.

    This helps add around 45% damage for Navia or any Geo teammates that cannot create Constructs.

    Geo teams with a construct don’t really benefit from any damage increase, but the extra puppet range is a QoL improvement.

  • C2

    If you are using Burst (Q) with Chiori every rotation, then she benefits more with this Constellation.

  • C6

    Makes on-field DPS Chiori with her NAs a viable option, as her Normals now scale on DEF, and her E cooldown has been reduced to 4s. This means that she can gain more Geo infusion for her NAs through her E.

Stay tuned for more updates on Chiori and other upcoming characters in Genshin-Builds!

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