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Exciting New Genshin Impact Update: Sethos to Join as Playable Character in 4.7 Version Leak

Leak reveals Sethos, a character from Sumeru, may be featured in Genshin Impact’s upcoming 4.7 update. Get all the details on his debut and what to expect in the new story quest, ‘Lupus Aurus Chapter Act II’.

Fri Apr 12 2024
Exciting New Genshin Impact Update: Sethos to Join as Playable Character in 4.7 Version Leak

Introduction to Sethos’ Debut Recent leaks, credited to prominent Genshin Impact insider, suggest exciting developments for the game’s version 4.7 update. It’s rumored that Sethos, alongside Clorinde, will be introduced as new playable characters. Known for his origins in Sumeru, Sethos is expected to make his initial appearance in Cyno’s upcoming story quest, ‘Lupus Aurus Chapter Act II’, in the prior Version 4.6.

Detailed Insight on Sethos According to the leaks, Sethos could be introduced as a 4-star character, boasting a distinctive look with cat-like ears and blond hair. He might wield a bow, enriching the game’s roster with his unique combat style. Sethos’ role in ‘Lupus Aurus Chapter Act II’ is anticipated to be significant, featuring over 120 dialogues that suggest a crucial involvement in the game’s narrative.

Anticipated Release Dates and Event Details The 4.7 update is speculated to launch on June 5, 2024, bringing Sethos into the fold alongside two other characters, Clorinde and Sigewinne. The update might follow the typical pattern of Genshin Impact releases, with event wish banners possibly rolling out in two phases: the first on June 5 and the second on June 26, 2024. However, these dates are provisional and subject to official confirmation from HoYoverse.

Cautions Regarding Leaks While the excitement around new character leaks continues to build, it’s important to approach such news with caution. The details of character releases and updates can often change, and it is best to wait for official announcements from HoYoverse to get the confirmed details.

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