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Genshin Impact 4.5 Guide: Mastering the Alchemical Ascension Event & Alchemy Exams

Unleash Your Inner Alchemist: A Comprehensive Guide to Conquering the Alchemy Exams in Genshin Impact’s Latest Event

Wed Mar 20 2024
Genshin Impact 4.5 Guide: Mastering the Alchemical Ascension Event & Alchemy Exams

The Alchemical Ascension event, a highlight of the Genshin Impact 4.5 update, not only invites players to dive into the arcane world of alchemy with Paimon but also to become savvy potion merchants. This event is a blend of strategic potion brewing and understanding market dynamics, offering a fresh gameplay experience. This guide will lead you through the Alchemy Exams and provide insights into maximizing your rewards.

Overview of Alchemy Exams

Divided into four escalating levels—Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert—each stage of the Alchemy Exams pushes your alchemical and strategic skills further. Excelling in these exams advances you through the event, with each level presenting its unique challenges and ingredient combinations to master.

Event Challenges & Objectives

1. Beginner Alchemy Exam: The Foundation

Objective: Craft an Intermediate Constitution Potion.

  • Main Goal: Produce an Intermediate grade potion focused on Constitution.
  • Additional Goals: Elevate potion to level +5, showcase one characteristic, limit ingredients to three types.


  • 4 Special Sweet Flower
  • 3 Special Calla Lily
  • 2 Special Mushroom

2. Intermediate Alchemy Exam: Balancing Strength & Dexterity

Objective: Formulate a potion that harmonizes Strength and Dexterity.

  • Main Goal: Achieve an Intermediate grade with both characteristics.
  • Additional Goals: Attain potion level +8, display two characteristics, utilize no more than ten ingredients.


  • 6 Special Horsetail
  • 2 Special Mist Flower
  • 2 Special Mushroom

3. Advanced Alchemy Exam: Crafting Wisdom

Objective: Conjure an Advanced Wisdom Potion.

  • Main Goal: Brew a potion of Advanced grade with Wisdom as its primary trait.
  • Additional Goals: Reach potion level +8, exhibit “Fragrant,” use five ingredient types.


  • 2 Special Marcotte
  • 2 Special Lumidouce Bell
  • 2 Special Sumeru Rose
  • 2 Special Qingxin
  • 1 Special Windwheel Aster
  • 1 Special Mushroom

4. Expert Alchemy Exam: The Essence of Charisma

Objective: Develop an Expert grade potion centered on Charisma.

  • Main Goal: Create an Expert grade Charisma potion.
  • Additional Goals: Achieve potion level +8, include “Perception” and “Steadying” characteristics, reach 280% Tuning Rate.


  • 6 Special Mint
  • 3 Special Marcotte
  • 2 Special Mist Flower
  • 1 Special Mushroom

Alchemical Ascension Event Rewards: Your Path to Riches and Power

Beyond the intrinsic rewards of completing event quests—such as Mora and Hero’s Wit—the Alchemical Ascension event lavishes players with Primogems and Talent Level-Up materials. These rewards are pivotal for advancing your characters and enhancing their abilities, making participation in the event doubly rewarding.

Highlight Reward:

  • Free 4-Star Polearm Weapon: Claim your free 4-star weapon, Dialogues of the Desert Sages, by visiting the Alchemical Ascension event page and selecting the artisan’s Gift button. This exceptional weapon not only enhances your combat capabilities but also immerses you further into the lore of Teyvat.

Earning Rewards:

  • Accumulate 50,000 revenue points to secure the Polearm.
  • Aim for 1,000,000 revenue points to unlock all refinement levels for Dialogues of the Desert Sages, elevating its power.

Strategy Tip: Maintain a steady flow of potion crafting, complete market cycles efficiently, and excel in the Alchemy Exams to maximize your revenue and claim all available rewards.

Visual Aid: Event Rewards Overview


The Alchemical Ascension event is a testament to Genshin Impact’s ever-evolving world, offering a unique blend of alchemy, strategy, and storytelling. Through this guide, you’re now equipped to excel in the Alchemy Exams and reap the rich rewards the event has to offer. Embrace the alchemist within, and let your journey to mastery begin!

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