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Genshin Impact Version 4.7 Unveils New Archon Quest, Characters, and Mount Feature in Natlan

Discover the latest updates on Genshin Impact’s Version 4.7, including the new Archon Quest, characters, and the much-anticipated mount feature in Natlan.

Fri May 24 2024
Genshin Impact Version 4.7 Unveils New Archon Quest, Characters, and Mount Feature in Natlan

Genshin Impact Version 4.7: Exciting New Features and Characters Revealed

The world of Genshin Impact is expanding, with new characters and exciting features on the horizon. Here’s a rundown of what players can expect from the upcoming Version 4.7:

The Twins and Bough Keeper Take Center Stage

The next major Archon Quest in Version 4.7 will focus on the twins and the Bough Keeper, continuing the story established in Caribert. While Dainsleif’s appearance was highly anticipated, his role in this patch may not be as significant as some had hoped.

New Characters and Banners

The banner order for Version 4.7 is set, with Clorinde and Alhaitham appearing in the first half and Sigewinne and Furina headlining the second half. Sethos will join Alhaitham and Clorinde as a 4-Star character, much to the delight of Genshin Impact players.

Imaginarium Theater and Original Resin Cap Increase

The Imaginarium Theater will debut in Version 4.7, offering players new combat challenges. The Original Resin cap will also be raised, giving players more opportunities to engage with the game’s content.

Mount Feature Coming to Natlan

In Version 5.0 and beyond, Natlan will introduce various mounts for players to explore the region. Each mount will have unique movement skills and abilities, enhancing gameplay and immersion.

A Wealth of Content in Version 4.7 and Beyond

In addition to the Archon Quest, Version 4.7 will feature two new Story Quests, several combat events, and the Imaginarium Theater. Players can look forward to Version 4.8’s Summer Event zone and the eventual release of Natlan in Version 5.0.

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