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Genshin Impact Version 4.8: Unveiling Trail Appearances, Kirara’s New Skin, and Emilie’s Debut

Discover the exciting new features coming to Genshin Impact with Version 4.8, including Trail Appearances, Kirara’s alternate outfit, and the arrival of the 5-Star Dendro unit Emilie.

Mon Jun 10 2024
Genshin Impact Version 4.8: Unveiling Trail Appearances, Kirara’s New Skin, and Emilie’s Debut

Genshin Impact Version 4.8: A Multitude of New Features and Customizations

Introducing Trail Appearances

Genshin Impact’s upcoming Version 4.8 introduces Trail Appearances, a fresh type of character customization added to the Imaginarium Theater. With this new feature, players can unlock cosmetic effects for characters, such as Diluc and Jean, while engaging in alternative gameplay.

The Imaginarium Theater

Previewed in the Imaginarium Theater’s inaugural phase, the Theater is an alternative to Spiral Abyss. Players can earn custom Photo Mode poses for select Genshin Impact characters and receive a generous reward of Primogems upon completing the Theater for the first time. In addition to Photo Mode poses, HoYoverse plans to offer a diverse selection of cosmetics for players who engage with the new gameplay mode.

New Customization Options

Trail Appearances, obtainable through the Imaginarium Theater, are visual effects that follow characters as they move. These effects enhance the aesthetic of each character – for instance, Diluc leaves a trail of fiery feathers, while Jean is followed by dandelions. These subtle effects are designed to complement character designs without being distracting.

Meet the Genshin Impact Characters with Trail Appearances

  • Diluc
  • Jean
  • Kirara
  • Qiqi
  • Ningguang

Emilie’s Arrival

Aside from Trail Appearances, Version 4.8 welcomes Emilie, a strong 5-Star Dendro unit. Expected to change the Burning reaction and provide an alternative to Xiangling in Pyro teams, Emilie will debut during the Event Banners for Version 4.8. Her ability kit has received positive first impressions from Genshin Impact players.

Kirara’s Time to Shine

While Emilie may headline the Event Banners for Version 4.8, Kirara appears to be the true star of the update. With a new Trail Appearance, alternate skin, and a major role in the Flagship Event, Kirara is poised to become one of the best teammates for Clorinde. Players should keep an eye out for the upcoming patch.


Version 4.8 of Genshin Impact promises to be a feature-rich patch, introducing new cosmetics, a temporary zone, and quality-of-life changes. Players can look forward to the debut of Emilie and Kirara’s new Trail Appearance and alternate skin. The update will certainly deliver an engaging and thrilling experience for both new and returning players.

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