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Ultimate Guide to Dendrobium Farming in Genshin Impact: Locations, Routes, and Tips

Elevate your Inazuma characters with our essential guide to Dendrobium locations and farming routes in Genshin Impact. Discover where to find these vital ascension materials, optimize your farming strategy, and learn about their usage and respawn times.

Mon Mar 18 2024
Ultimate Guide to Dendrobium Farming in Genshin Impact: Locations, Routes, and Tips

For adventurers in Genshin Impact looking to empower their Inazuma characters, securing a steady supply of Dendrobium flowers is paramount. These vibrant, orchid-like blooms, scattered across Inazuma’s landscapes marked by remnants of battles, are key to leveling up your heroes. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the best locations to find Dendrobium, an efficient farming route, and crucial information on their usage and respawn times.

Table of Contents:

  1. Where to Find Dendrobium in Inazuma
  2. Optimal Dendrobium Farming Route
  3. Understanding Dendrobium Respawn Time
  4. The Importance of Dendrobium in Character Ascension

Dendrobium Locations in Inazuma

Dendrobium, with its large, eye-catching blooms, predominantly grows in the war-affected zones of Inazuma, resembling Silk Flowers but more vivid in appearance.

  • Nazuchi Beach: A prime spot for Dendrobium, the area along the sandbar that links Kannazuka to Yashiori Island is laden with these flowers.
  • Kujou Encampment: This vicinity is another lucrative location for Dendrobium hunters.
  • Maguu Kenki Arena: Surrounding this battle arena are ample Dendrobium flowers ready for the picking.

Best Dendrobium Farming Route

To efficiently collect Dendrobium, embark on this circular route starting from strategic waypoints:

  1. Start at Nazuchi Beach Waypoint: Cover the entire beach area to collect Dendrobium.
  2. Teleport to Kujou Encampment Waypoint: Proceed northwest, gathering flowers en route.
  3. Move to Maguu Kenki Waypoint: Head southeast to this area for more Dendrobium.
  4. Circle Back to Nazuchi Beach: Either teleport or travel on foot to begin a new loop.

This route ensures a comprehensive sweep of all key Dendrobium sites, maximizing your harvest with each run.

Dendrobium Respawn Time and Tips

Dendrobium flowers cannot be bought and must be collected from the wild, respawning every 48 hours after picking. To efficiently continue farming:

  • Check Respawn Timers: Plan your farming around the 48-hour respawn cycle.
  • Utilize Co-op Play: Join friends’ worlds to farm Dendrobium if your supply runs low.
  • Stay Mobile: Teleporting between distant waypoints can sometimes trigger resource respawns.

Usage of Dendrobium

Dendrobium is crucial for ascending characters from Inazuma, like Sara and Chiori. The table below outlines the Dendrobium required for each ascension phase:

Ascension LevelDendrobium Required
20 → 403
40 → 5010
50 → 6020
60 → 7030
70 → 8045
80 → 9060


  • Q: Can I buy Dendrobium in Genshin Impact?
    • A: No, Dendrobium must be farmed from specific locations in Inazuma.
  • Q: How often do Dendrobium flowers respawn?
    • A: Dendrobium flowers respawn every 48 hours.
  • Q: Is there a faster way to farm Dendrobium?
    • A: Following the recommended farming route and utilizing co-op mode are the best strategies for efficient farming.


With this comprehensive guide to Dendrobium farming, you’re well-equipped to gather the resources necessary for ascension. By understanding the best locations, following an efficient route, and managing respawn times, your Inazuma characters will reach new heights of power. Happy farming, and may your adventures in Teyvat be fruitful!

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