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Unveiling Honkai: Star Rail’s Free 4-Star Characters in Version 2.3

Discover the free 4-star characters, Xueyi and others, available in Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.3, along with new events, locations, and relics.

Mon Jun 17 2024
Unveiling Honkai: Star Rail’s Free 4-Star Characters in Version 2.3


  • Free 4-star characters Xueyi, Gallagher, Hanya, Luka, and Arlan are introduced in Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.3.
  • Players can claim these characters by finishing specific missions or events.
  • New location, relics, and planar ornaments will be introduced in this version.

Version 2.3 Free 4-Star Characters

With Version 2.3, Honkai: Star Rail players can look forward to the following free 4-star characters:

  • Xueyi (Quantum, Destruction): Clear the Apocalyptic Shadow’s Difficulty 2 for the first time to receive Xueyi, along with 300 Stellar Jades and Self-Modeling Resin.

  • Gallagher (Fire, Abundance), Hanya (Physical, Harmony), Luka (Physical, Nihility), or Arlan (Lightning, Destruction): Redeem one of the four characters upon completing Fateful Crossings: Origami Bird Clash.
  • Xueyi, Gallagher, Hanya, Luka, and Arlan will be available during the Version 2.3 events. To claim these characters, players will need to complete specific stages of the events. This is especially useful for players who have not yet acquired these characters or wish to upgrade existing ones.

New Content in Version 2.3

  • New Characters: Rerun characters Ruan Mei and Argenti, along with 5-star Warp banner characters Firefly and Jade, are coming in Version 2.3.
  • New Location: Radiant Feldspar, a luxury ship sailing above Penacony, will make its debut in this version.
  • Relics and Planar Ornaments: Players can collect new Relics like Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge and The Wind-Soaring Valorous and Planar Ornaments such as Forge of the Kalpagni and Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves for character stat enhancements.

Upcoming Events and Travel

Following the conclusion of Penacony, players can expect to travel back to the Xianzhou Luofu in Version 2.4 for the Wardance Luminary Combat Arts Ceremony. New characters from the region, such as March 7th’s new variant, will appear in this version before the next world’s reveal in the coming months.

Final Thought

Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.3 is gearing up to offer enthralling content and a selection of free 4-star characters for players. With new locations, relics, and planar ornaments on the horizon, the game continues to evolve and captivate its expanding fanbase. Keep an eye out for the release of Version 2.3 and be prepared for thrilling experiences and exciting in-game rewards

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