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Developer’s Message: CLOSED BETA TEST II Review

The developers of Wuthering Waves share their plans to optimize and improve the game based on feedback from the Closed Beta Test II. Key areas addressed include enhancing combat feel, upgrading the Echo system, adding new content, polishing story cutscenes and animations, improving performance and localization. The message outlines numerous specific adjustments coming to combat mechanics, Echo hunting, gameplay systems, quests, and more to elevate the overall experience for players.

Tue Mar 26 2024
Developer’s Message: CLOSED BETA TEST II Review

Dear Rovers,

We would like to first express our sincere gratitude. Thank you for participating in and paying attention to our Closed Beta Test II. We received a lot of valuable feedback from all platforms. 

After careful consideration, we have finalized our plans for future adjustments and optimizations, and we would like to share them with you. 

We hope this Developer’s Message addresses any questions you may have. Your continued support means the world to us.


1. Overall Combat Experience Optimizations

We are addressing the issue of poor sound effects and hit feedback many of our players mentioned. We will focus on revamping the sound effects of weapon hit feedback, Echo Skills, Resonance Skills, and other battle aspects. In addition, we’ll improve jumping by adjusting animation speed, camera transitions, and landing feedback to make it feel more natural.

2. Character-specific Combat Optimizations

We will be making specific adjustments for characters frequently mentioned in the feedback we received. 

Our current plans include:

① Adjust Lingyang and Jianxin’s movesets for an elevated overall combat experience; 

② Adjust Verina’s HP restoration mechanism so she can use her Photosynthesis Energy more efficiently;

③ Improve Calcharo’s kit. His extra Intro Skill “Necessary Means” will be available by default.

3. New Combat Skill Practicing Dungeons

We will introduce a series of new Combat Practicing dungeons where you can better familiarize yourself with each character’s unique combat mechanisms, and practice how to combo.

Aside from the points above, we have also started working on other frequently reported issues, such as bad camera experiences, frequent lock-on loss, enemies quitting combat, and counterattack failures.


1. Echo System

We received a lot of feedback on the Echo system. Thank you so much for taking the time to test out this system and providing valuable suggestions! 

We have received many suggestions and concerns about how the Echo hunting experience was too grindy, how the game lacked disposal options for unwanted Echoes, and other issues.

To address these issues, we are planning to implement the following changes:

① Make it easier to obtain various Echoes. 

We plan to make Echoes available through participating in-game events, completing daily activities, and other means.

② Provide a better way to dispose of unused or redundant Echoes.

You will be able to recycle unenhanced Echoes by converting them into random new Echoes of a type you have unlocked.

③ Return Turners when Tuned Echoes are consumed.

When you use Tuned Echoes to upgrade other Echoes, a designated % of Tuners you previously used will be returned.

④ Make it easier to get your desired Substats.

We will raise the minimum numbers you can get with substats rolling, and narrow the range of possible rolling results.

⑤ Optimize the auto-equip Echoes mechanism.

Additionally, we will improve Inferno Rider’s Echo Skill to add a new transformation mode. When equipped, you can transform into the Infernal Rider. 

We will be developing even more new events and new gameplays centered around the Echoes, and improve them based on your feedback to create unique experiences.

2. New Content for “Depths of Illusive Realm”

We will add a Tutorial Stage for “Depths of Illusive Realm” to help beginners better understand and enjoy this gameplay. 

More playable characters will be added in “Deapths of Illusive Realms”. Additionally, you will also be able to use trial characters in this mode. Meanwhile, new high-difficulty events and special boss mechanisms will be added for you to challenge.

We are also working on other gameplay issues mentioned in your feedback. 

Here are a few examples: Drops from Supply Chests or enemies in the wild will be automatically picked up; Co-op mode will be available sooner, at a lower Union Level; A batch salvaging option for unwanted items in your backpack… We hope these changes can further improve your game experience.


We are working on the frequently reported issues about story cutscenes & animations, including strange camera positionings, characters showing up at the wrong time, poorly matched lip animations, and lack of detail in story sound effects. Here are some of the progress we’ve made so far:

① Optimized the camera positioning and character animation in some parts of the story. Improved lip animation and eyeblink animation.

② Adjusted and rearranged the story quests’ progression for a smoother flow, and changed the unlock prerequisites for some story quests.

③ Reworked the sound effects in cutscenes for a better performance.

④ Improved the “Skip” function to make it work better.

We will keep polishing every detail of story cutscenes and animations to optimize the quality. We hope this will help you better enjoy the story quests.


Aside from the changes above, we are addressing game issues such as crashes, blank screens, frame drops, and device overheating. Improving game performance on all devices is a top priority. We’re also improving the Character and Environment Designs and adjusting the UI for easier navigation. New events and story content are in early development and we’ll share our progress with you.


We take localization quality very seriously, and it is also a big part of our future optimization plans. We will continuously improve the localization quality based on your feedback. We are working on adding EN/JP/KR voice-overs for stories and character voicelines. Thank you for your patience!

These are our future adjustments and optimizations based on the feedback we received during CBT II. These are our future adjustments and optimizations based on the feedback we received during CBT II. We apologize for any deficiencies or unsatisfactory content in the beta test build. The development team is committed to addressing these issues and prioritizing areas that were less enjoyable for players. Our goal is to bring you an even better version of Wuthering Waves next time.

Thank you again for your continued attention and support!

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