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Discover the Voices Behind Wuthering Waves’ Characters – An Exclusive Look at the Voice Actors List

Join us as we unravel the Wuthering Waves voice actors list, diving into the talented individuals bringing the game’s characters to life!

Tue May 14 2024
Discover the Voices Behind Wuthering Waves’ Characters – An Exclusive Look at the Voice Actors List

Kuro Games’ latest venture, Wuthering Waves, has been making waves in the gaming community. The free-to-play action RPG combines open-world elements with gacha game mechanics, introducing a diverse range of colorful and distinctive characters to the fold. The game’s cast has already piqued the interest of gamers worldwide, and we are here to introduce you to the talented voice actors lending their voices to these memorable characters.

Wuthering Waves Voice Actors List

With more than fifteen unique characters in Wuthering Waves, it’s about time to explore the voices behind them. Here, we offer you the updated list of announced voice actors:

  • Chixia: Harriet Carmichael
  • Toaqi: Clare Louise Connolly
  • Jiyan: Alex Jordan
  • Aalto: James Day
  • Encore: Carina Reeves
  • Baizhi: Samantha Dakin
  • YangYang: Rebecca Yeo
  • Sanhua: Jennifer Armour

These are the characters for which we have confirmed voice actors. Let’s learn more about each of them!

Chixia – Harriet Carmichael

Meet Chixia, portrayed by the lovely Harriet Carmichael. This dedicated and high-energy junior Jinzhou Patroller is always eager to help, providing joy to the rooms she enters and leaving her mark wherever she goes. Chixia dreams of becoming a hero, seeking and battling injustice wherever she encounters it. With Harriet’s voice acting, Chixia transforms into a delightful and endearing character with a captivating presence.

Taoqi – Clare Louise Connolly

The Ministry of Development’s leader, Taoqi, is skillfully portrayed by Clare Louise Connolly. Known for her exceptional time management skills, Taoqi manages a balanced work and life, crucial for her leadership role. With Clare’s voice bringing her to life, Taoqi’s character shines as a responsible and wise leader, overseeing and ensuring the ministry’s smooth functioning.

Jiyan – Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan lends his voice to Jiyan, the General of the Midnight Rangers. Skilled and attentive, Jiyan followed a different path from his medicinal family background to become a soldier to protect the Tacet Discords. With Alex’s voice acting, Jiyan exudes a powerful and experienced aura, motivating those around him.

Aalto – James Day

Meet the information Broker for Black Shores, Aalto. With James Day’s pleasant yet charismatic voice, Aalto shares his knowledge with those who can afford it, calculating every move for maximum impact. Caution is advised around Aalto as charm can often lead to unexpected outcomes.

Encore – Carina Reeves

Carina Reeves portrays Encore, the kind and friendly character equipped with a unique set of Wooly friends. Encore, with her love for sweet treats and a heartfelt desire to provide everyone with a happy ending, beautifully reflects the softer side of life.

Baizhi – Samantha Dakin

Samantha Dakin voices Baizhi, the brilliant researcher at Huaxu Academy. With her intellect and determination to unravel the mysteries surrounding Remnant Energy, Baizhi emerges as a character of wisdom and inquisitive spirit.

YangYang – Rebecca Yeo

The talented Rebecca Yeo voices YangYang, a quiet Outrider in Jinzhou. After experiencing personal adversity, YangYang blooms as a resilient and compassionate character who wishes to help the world while it recovers. Learn more about YangYang through Rebecca’s voice as she portrays her calming yet strong personality.

Sanhua – Jennifer Armour

Jennifer Armour brings the composed and somewhat reserved guard for Jinxi, Sanhua, to life. With her unique worldview and ice-infused swordsmanship, Sanhua exudes a chilling calmness and disciplined dedication, making her a force to be reckoned with.

To Be Confirmed Characters

Stay tuned for announcements in voice actors for the following Wuthering Waves characters:

  • Yinlin
  • Lingyang
  • Calcharo
  • Verina
  • Jianxin
  • Yuanwu
  • Danjin
  • Mortefi

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