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Maximizing Your Astrite Earnings in Wuthering Waves

Discover the various methods to earn Astrite, Wuthering Waves’ premium currency, and progress in your journey to obtain powerful characters and weapons.

Thu May 23 2024
Maximizing Your Astrite Earnings in Wuthering Waves

Begin Your Astrite Accumulation

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to earn Astrite, the coveted premium currency of Wuthering Waves. Use Astrite to obtain powerful characters and weapons, enabling you to become a formidable force in the game. This comprehensive guide explores various methods to earn Astrite and progress in your journey. Let’s dive in!

What is Astrite in Wuthering Waves?

In Wuthering Waves, Astrite is the key to obtaining powerful characters and weapons. The game uses banners, known as “Convenes,” where 160 Astrite is required for a single pull.

The game features three types of gacha tickets that can be crafted with Astrite:

  • Radiant Tide: For the limited character banner
  • Forging Tide: For the limited weapon banner
  • Lustrous Tide: For the standard banner, which includes both characters and weapons

Effective Ways to Earn Astrite in Wuthering Waves

Aside from purchasing Astrite outright, Wuthering Waves offers numerous ways for free-to-play players to earn Astrite. Completing daily commissions, exploring the open world, opening chests, solving puzzles, and unlocking achievements are all viable methods to earn Astrite.

Here’s how you can start accumulating Astrite efficiently:

Launch Rewards

Celebrate Wuthering Waves’ release with launch rewards! Simply logging in grants a total of 200 Astrite and 20 standard banner pulls (Lustrous Tide) if you pre-registered.

Kuro Games is also providing extra pulls, Lustrous Tide x10 and Radiant Tide x10, on May 24 and May 25, respectively. These rewards will appear in your in-game mail.

Complete Daily Missions

Daily commissions are a consistent way to earn Astrite. Completing these tasks daily grants 60 Astrite per day. By consistently completing these missions, you can accumulate 1,800 Astrite each month.

Embark on Quests

Engage with Wuthering Waves’ Main Quest storyline to earn Astrite while delving into the game’s lore. Side quests and Companion Quests also offer valuable rewards, including Astrite.

Participate in Events

Events in Wuthering Waves, especially those that accompany updates, provide excellent opportunities to earn Astrite. Participate in character trials and permanent events like the Awakening Journey for additional rewards.

Explore the World

Exploring the game’s world and unlocking chests and puzzles can yield significant amounts of Astrite. The community has discovered over 800 treasures, potentially providing around 5,500 Astrite. Uncovering the entire map also earns you 550 Astrite from the Pioneer Association.

Level Up Data Bank

Your Data Bank isn’t just for Echo hunting—it’s also a source of Astrite! Collecting and upgrading Echoes rewards you with up to 920 Astrite upon reaching level 20.

Challenge Tower of Adversity and Depth of the Illusive Realm

For experienced players, Wuthering Waves offers challenging endgame content that rewards Astrite. Clearing the Tower of Adversity can grant a massive 3,350 Astrite. Similarly, completing the Depth of the Illusive Realm provides seasonal rewards, with all levels and achievements in Season 1 awarding 585 Astrite.

Purchasing Astrite

For those willing to spend real money, purchasing the Lunite Pass provides a daily stream of 90 Astrite for 30 days. Additionally, the in-game store offers Astrite packs for direct purchase, often at discounted prices for larger quantities.


By following these strategies, you can efficiently accumulate Astrite in Wuthering Waves and unlock your favorite characters and weapons. Stay tuned for official announcements and new events to maximize your rewards.

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