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“Wuthering Waves” Glimpses Its Release Date: A Closer Look at May 30, 2024

The gaming community was abuzz when “Wuthering Waves,” the highly anticipated title, momentarily listed its release date on the Epic Games Store as May 30, 2024. This revelation, however, vanished as quickly as it appeared, leaving fans in a whirlwind of speculation and excitement.

Thu Mar 14 2024
“Wuthering Waves” Glimpses Its Release Date: A Closer Look at May 30, 2024

Uncertainty Surrounding the Release

The Epic Games Store page for “Wuthering Waves” has been a subject of keen observation for some time. An update to the page ignited discussions across forums and social media by hinting at a May 30, 2024 release date. This information was swiftly altered to a more ambiguous “2024,” leading to speculation about the significance of the change. Was May 30 a concrete target, or merely a placeholder? The quick retraction suggests that fans might need to temper their expectations for a precise launch date.

Evaluating Game Readiness

Following the conclusion of Closed Beta II, “Wuthering Waves” has offered a glimpse into its core gameplay and systems. Yet, feedback indicates that there’s still a journey ahead before the game reaches the polish expected for a full release. This suggests that the May 30 date was likely a provisional marker, hinting at the developers’ aspirations rather than a firm commitment.

A Year of Anticipation for Free-to-Play Titles

The potential 2024 release places “Wuthering Waves” amidst a competitive landscape, sharing the spotlight with other eagerly awaited free-to-play titles like “Zenless Zone Zero” and “Arknights Endfield.” As these games prepare to make their mark, 2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for mobile gaming enthusiasts seeking quality, free-to-play experiences.


While the fleeting glimpse of a May 30, 2024 release date for “Wuthering Waves” has stirred excitement, the subsequent revision serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of game development. As developers strive to refine and perfect their creations, fans are encouraged to look forward to a year rich in gaming innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for official announcements, and prepare for a 2024 that promises to elevate the free-to-play gaming scene to new heights.

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